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bannerI love to simplify! I am always looking for ways to take less steps, get more done in less time, and eliminate time-wasters.

My world revolves at a fast pace. With children to care for, a business to operate, relationships to tend, and a home to maintain, I need to simplify in order to THRIVE. If you want to thrive in your personal and/or professional life, I encourage you to click here and sign up to gain access to my Organizer’s Tool Bag. I share tips on organizing products which I love and steps you can take to simplify & thrive.

Over the past month I have been working on simplifying my online presence (blog, website, and social networking) through eliminating visual clutter. I realized that clutter on the screen can be just as distracting as clutter on the desk. It has been a process, just as getting organized is. And once again, it is a refreshing feeling to let go and keep only what I really enjoy and love. By doing this, it creates space for me to grow and THRIVE!

What one step can you do today to simplify your life, your home, your work space, or your family? Take 10-minutes for yourself and take action on that one step. It will put a smile on your face!

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These days I don’t watch much TV and therefore, I have done away with cable. However, I saw via email that Oprah was having a show on ‘simplifying your life’. I had to watch! Off to mom’s I went…

Oprah’s guest, Mary Carlomagno spoke about how “she started to take stock of her life and identify areas that seemed off balance. As an experiment, she began giving up one thing—like alcohol, elevators or shopping—each month. ‘When you make these subtle changes, and you practice it every day, it really opens up space,'” she says. When you create space in your life, something new can come in.

Mary also went on to say, “You shouldn’t think of the process (simplifying) as a punishment. ‘It can’t be, ‘Oh, you’re taking this away from me,’ she says. ‘It’s: ‘What am I opening up? What am I going to gain from this experience?’ And with this experience, you gain the appreciation for the things in life you are so blessed to have.”

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What does your space say about you? How does it FEEL? What does it look like? Are you spending too much of your time and money on things that don’t add value or quality (spiritual) to your life? Cutting back on unneccessary stuff and eliminating wasteful spending will allow space for new joys in your life. It gives you the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, start a new hobby that you have been putting off due to lack of time, and moments where you can just ‘be’. Simplifying your life is about adding more love, peace, and joy and eliminating the chaos, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed. It shouldn’t be a punishment.

What can you do today that will take you one step closer to a simplified life? View what Oprah’s audience had to say.

My motto is, “Say Y.E.S. to a simplified life!”

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