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mondayWhy do Mondays get a bad rap? It appears that many people struggle with getting up and getting moving on this first day of their work week. They wish to still be relaxing on Sunday, doing what makes them happy.

Not too long ago I struggled with Mondays as well. It was difficult for me to go from ‘lounging’ to ‘rushing’ overnight. I would wake up on Monday morning excited about the new day. However, I felt overwhelmed that I had to get two children under 5 yrs. old dressed, feed, and make sure all hair, teeth, and bodies were clean, my darling Dave’s lunch made, and that I looked professional and pulled together by 9:00am. My Monday’s ‘to-do’ list was filled with deadlines, appointments, and projects that set me up for failure at the end of the day. I didn’t like starting the work week off this way. I needed change!

After making minor changes to my schedule and Monday’s ‘to-do’ list, I started enjoying Mondays more. With the simple alterations to my Mondays, I was able to reduce stress and create a less-hectic work week. Everyone in my life benefited from these changes…my children, spouse, business clients, family and friends. Here are a few steps I took to escape from my Manic Mondays.

  • No appointments for myself or the kids are schedule before noon
  • I don’t meet with clients on Mondays
  • I make sure to sleep in (I get up at 8am as oppose to the usual 6:30am)
  • Prepare what I can the night before to ease Monday morning routines
  • Simplify my Monday ‘to-do’ list to only include easy-to-do tasks that only take minutes to complete
  • Use my children’s nap time to get small business projects completed
  • Make sure to do something fun for myself and my children 

It is amazing how altering my Monday’s schedule to eliminate or minimize what overwhelmed me has greatly improved my productivity for the rest of the work week. I encourage you to take a good look at your Monday schedule and ‘to-do’ list and see what steps you can take to simplify & thrive. It will lead to a happier, more efficient YOU!

For more tips and ideas on simplifying your world, visit my website at While there, I encourage you to sign up and gain access to my ‘Organizer’s Tool Bag’ which is filled with even more great ideas for simplifying your life.

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Each morning I have a routine. Part of my routine is making beds. There is something about having the beds made that makes me feel ‘pulled together’, ‘neat and tidy’, and ready for a successful day. There is the rare occasion when I don’t make the beds and find that I feel less ‘in order’ on those days. It is amazing how the simple act of making beds has an affect on me. I know millions may not relate with me and wonder why bother making something that will get messy again 12 hours later.

I am curious to know…do you make your bed each morning? Does making your bed affect your mood, behavior or productivity for the day?

Give your answer here… Do you make your bed each morning?
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picture1One of the toughest parts of the day is when get off work, pick up the kids, rush home to throw the chicken in the oven, deal with homework meltdowns, feed the pets, check personal email, and attend to your spouse’s needs. We are juggling multiple tasks in a very short period of time (usually 2 or 3 hours). Usually when we are hungry, tired, and in dire need for some relaxation. Getting behind schedule is a major factor which leads to the chaotic evening routine. This is a tough time of the day, but with these time-management tips you will be able to improve your early evening hours and enjoy your family.


Work Backward
Start with the end of your day in mind and work backwards.  If your objective is to get the kids in bed by 8:00pm, you need to finish dinner by 6:30, which means the kids should be finished with homework and the food on the table by 5:45, and so on.

Not ‘To-Do’ List
If you don’t already have a ‘not to-do’ list, create one! This is a great list to have posted as a reminder of what you won’t/shouldn’t/don’t want to be doing, especially during the most chaotic part of the day. One example would be not to answer the telephone, but instead let your voicemail do the work.

Add Some Cushion
Always include a 10 to 20 percent time cushion for mini emergencies that cause a hiccup in your day and make you late. Those hiccups may be heavy traffic, a last-minute phone call, misplaced handbag, or parking headaches.

 And, of course, PLAN
A man by the name of Victor Hugo once said, “When disposal of time is surrendered to chance, chaos soon reigns.” Start the day off with a ‘plan of action’. Make sure to not over-commit yourself. You can do this by having no more than 5-7 tasks on your ‘to-do’ list and adding some time cushion (10-20 percent) to each item.

There is a great new product available for parents who are frustrated with their children’s time-management skills. It is called On Task On Time for Kids.

If you are tired of yelling at and nagging your children to get out the door for school, to get into bed, pick up their toys, or start on homework, this may be the solution for you! It is perfect for little ones just starting school and learning about time.

It was designed by a mother of triplets and took 12 years to develop. To find out more on how this handy timer got started, read their story.  To get more information on how this product can reduce a parent’s stress level, and increase a child’s independence and purpose, click here.

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