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Raise your hand if you like to work on business projects in bed.

Raise your hand if you like to connect with family and friends on Facebook while watching TV.

Raise your hand if the only quiet time you get during the day is the few minutes spent in the bathroom.

If you raised your hand to any of the scenarios above, I suggest creating a Traveling Home Office.

Enjoy a lazy Sunday in bed with your laptop catching up on emails and connecting with friends on Facebook. Finish a last minute work project or create your ‘action plan’ for the next day while sitting on the couch being entertained by flashy outfits and the tan bodies of Dancing With The Stars. Escape to the bathroom with your Traveling Home Office to get some of your ‘best thinking’ done. Have all the supplies and information you need at your fingertips, whether you are laying in bed, sitting on the couch, or hiding out in the bathroom.

Here are some supplies needed to get you started with creating a Traveling Home Office:

  • 3 tiered cart on wheels.
  • Tackle box or craft box to hold office supplies such as pens, pencils, highlighter, stamps, post-its, scissors, tape, correction tape, paper clips, and stapler.
  • Poly Envelope to store a small supply of envelops, note pad, and any other paper supplies.
  • Magazine holders (2-3) to hold current catalogs, magazines, and articles to be read, current projects, and extra files.
  • Laptop and accessories.
  • Plastic or brown paper bag (lunch size) to hold garbage. Attach the bag to the cart using a binder clip.
  • Store a small stash of munchies and bottled water in the cart for those times when you are too lazy to walk to the kitchen.

Designate an area in the cart to keep the home phone and mobile phone so they don’t get lost in the cushions or under the sheets. Get creative and have fun creating your customized Traveling Home Office.

When the Traveling Home Office is not in use, roll it away into a closet!

Each morning I have a routine. Part of my routine is making beds. There is something about having the beds made that makes me feel ‘pulled together’, ‘neat and tidy’, and ready for a successful day. There is the rare occasion when I don’t make the beds and find that I feel less ‘in order’ on those days. It is amazing how the simple act of making beds has an affect on me. I know millions may not relate with me and wonder why bother making something that will get messy again 12 hours later.

I am curious to know…do you make your bed each morning? Does making your bed affect your mood, behavior or productivity for the day?

Give your answer here… Do you make your bed each morning?
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Last year I read the book, The 4-Hour Work Week written by Timothy Ferriss. Timothy has some great ideas for cutting down on working hours and increasing relaxation and travel which he refers to as ‘mini retirement vacations’. He speaks a good deal on eliminating time-wasters, being productive, and making wise choices with your time. In the chapter, The End of Time Management, Timothy asks a question that really stuck with me. In fact, I have the question printed and hanging in my office as a visual reminder. The question is this, “Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?” In other words, Am I being productive or just active?

Before reading the book, I thought that cleaning my house was ‘being productive’. Instead, I was cleaning my house to avoid the ‘important’ things (the action items that would push my career forward and continue to grow my business). I now ask myself each morning, “What am I going to do today that will make me money?” (As a small business owner working out of my home, making money is important!) I still clean my house, but I make sure not to clean it during business hours. This simple question has really helped me make wiser choices with my time. chasing the dollar

So I ask you that same question now, “Are you inventing things to do to avoid the important?”

I read an interesting article today in the Bottom Line Personal written by Gary Bencivenga on ways to boost your productivity. Lately, I have had a personal struggle with being too productive and not giving myself permission to relax and do nothing. I was drawn to the title ‘Why Your Not-To-Do List Is More Important Than Your To-Do List’. I was hoping Gary was going to tell me it was OK to sit back and not do anything with my days…that wasn’t the way it went.

I wanted to share an interesting topic within the article that I have heard before, but found it to be a great reminder. It is on applying the 80/20 rule to everything you do. Are you aware that 20% of your daily activities are responsible for 80% of your happiness, success, and even your income? These are considered your ‘big-payoff’ activities. At the same time, 20% of your activities are causing 80% of your wasted time. These are your ‘low-payoff’ activities.

To increase your productivity, always look for ways to free up more time to do your big-payoff tasks/activities by eliminating the many low-payoff ones that keep you from achieving your desired goals and dreams.

Your ‘Not-To-Do’ list can be more important than your ‘To-Do’ list! You must constantly be working to minimize or get rid of those 20% of activities that are wasting 80% of your time. You can do this by maintaining your ‘Not-To-Do’ list…

Here are some examples for your ‘Not-To-Do’ list:

  • Never answer email in the morning – Reserve this cherished morning time for your highest payoff activities.
  • Don’t answer phones just because they ring– take advantage of voice-mail, text messaging, and caller ID services. Answering a phone can distract you from doing your current high-payoff activity. It may just be a sales person looking to waste your time and ruin your focus.

Gary suggested asking yourself two questions for every task. Here they are: (1) Does this have to be done? (2) If so, does it have to be done by me? Don’t just be efficient, but be effective too. Do the right things and not just do them right!

So each day when you are creating your ‘To-Do’ list, think of creating your ‘Not-To-Do’ list as well.

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