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SuccessI am returning from a little blogging hiatus. Over the past month I have been coordinating a community Back-to-School Clothes Swap, organizing workshops for students, and getting my daughter geared up for kindergarten. It’s been hard not to feel guilty when all those little things I wanted to accomplish didn’t fit onto one plate (i.e. blogging, social networking, household projects, personal goals, etc). However, the guilt lessened when I reminded myself of the things I did accomplish and that life wasn’t a race.

This past month I have made a point to acknowledge my achievements by patting myself on the back and doing a little ‘happy dance’. It didn’t matter if the task was large or small, I did a ‘happy dance’. Boy, does it feel great! By being aware and acknowledging my ‘gold stars’, I have felt my self-confidence increase as well as a sense of success. The need to beat myself up over not getting to a task/project has decreased.

If you are tired of feeling like a failure at the end of the day for not completing your to-do list, make a point to shift your thinking and focus on your successes. Reward yourself for the simple, little things in life that get accomplished.

Examples are:

  • You ate lunch: not many people take the time to eat lunch these days!
  • Brushed your teeth: you are taking care of your teeth and smile.
  • Cleaned the dishes: keeping the kitchen clean and decluttered leads to healthier meals.
  • Took your multi-vitamin: giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive!

To get started, create a journal of your daily achievements. Post everything you completed that day – big or small, even itsy bitsy things. Don’t save the gold stars just for the children, use them for yourself too! Give yourself gold stars and do happy dances throughout the day. If you forget to journal one day or for the whole week, don’t beat yourself up. Start again the next day (make sure to give yourself a sticker for starting up again!). It is amazing how great you will feel in only a few short days. Focus on your successes and not your failures!

I’d love to hear your feedback. Take a moment to comment on how you celebrate your successes. If you currently are not acknowledging your achievements, start the journal and report back with your comments.

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In two short months, we will be saying good-bye to 2008 and welcoming a new year full of possibilities and opportunities. Are you like the other millions of Americans that made the resolution to get organized this year? Has this resolution slipped through the cracks leaving you to continually feel overwhelmed by the excessive amounts of toys, clothes, papers, and other ‘stuff’? When one is disorganized and living in a state of chaos, one cannot live to their full potential.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is causing me to stay stuck in the current state of disorganization that I am living in?
What are two obstacles that are keeping me from getting organized?
Do I have a clear vision of what I would like my space to look like, feel like, and smell like?

I am a firm believer in determining how I want a space to look, feel, and smell like before taking the first step in the organizing process. A fun and simple exercise that will help clarify the vision for the space needing organization is to create a Vision Board.

To create a Vision Board you will need:

Poster board (cut to a desired size)
Various magazines (for cutting out words and images that reflect your desired   vision)
Glue stick


Create a Vision Board for each space that you would like organized. Post the board on a wall or door in the appropriate room. Take a few moments to be in the room, focus on the Vision Board and pay attention to the feelings that surface. Can you ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘smell’ your new space?

Having a clear vision and a taste of what your space could be like, gives you the added motivation and inspiration to conquer the sometimes daunting task of getting organized. Life can be less stressful and have a sense of order. Having a clear picture is key. Give yourself the gift of organization and sense of accomplishment by taking the first and most important step to getting organized before this year ends.

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