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Do you ever have the need to jot down a note to yourself while enjoying the Sunday paper and find yourself without a scratch piece of paper? How about the times when you are enjoying a cup of coffee at a co-worker’s workstation and realize you might be forgetting to do something? Always losing your to-do list, but never your coffee?

There is a silly yet smart solution to these problems! It is called the Write-On Mug by Schedule as you sip with the Write-On Mug. You can keep your daily tasks and appointments in sight (right under your nose) while sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Use a ballpoint pen or pencil to add your daily to-do list and urgent tasks. When done, simply wipe them off with a eraser.

No need for that fancy PDA! 🙂


For as long as I can remember, I have loved using lists (and forms). There is something about a list that brings a sense of order, peace, and accomplishment over me. I work with lists everyday and love to find new types of list on-line, in books, or create my own. If it simplifies a task, I use a list!

Here is the lowdown on lists. There are three main types of list to manage your tasks. They are a Master List, a Daily List, and a Checklist.

A Master List concise of all of those to-do’s that aren’t yet scheduled. Anything you don’t want to forget about, but will not complete today. This list is helpful to remove all the ‘clutter’ from your brain and put into onto paper.

A Daily List should only include what you will get accomplished in the next 24 hours. An important tip to remember when creating this daily list is to not over-exert yourself. Adding too many items to this list leads to a sense of failure if they are not completed in the time allotted. Each entry should be manageable, specific, and take you to the next step on a long-term project. A good rule of thumb is to keep this list under 6 entries per day. This list will also include your personal errands.

(Restrict the amount of time you spend on less important tasks by using a timer or alarm clock.)

Finally a Checklist contains information you use over and over. These list may include, grocery items, packing essentials, household inventory, baby-sitting basics, and diaper bag necessities. Store these lists in a computer for easy updating. A binder with sheet protectors is a great way to store printed lists for easy viewing and retrieval.

Spend a few minutes each evening planning your priorities and creating your Daily List for the following day.

Another helpful list to have is a Goal List. I have my various Goal Lists pinned up around my desk for me to frequently remind myself. I have a Goal List for my business goals, financial goals, places to visit this year, a wish list, as well as a to-do list for the year (this encompasses all areas of my life).

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