With all the hustle and bustle of different family members’ schedules, the large amounts of homework, the many after school activities and the excess of material items we accumulate every bit of help is needed. Staying organized is essential to surviving. As a parent, we understand the frustrations of misplacing our keys, purse, important documents, and/or calendar. For many of us it is an ongoing battle just to take care of ourselves! As for our little ones, if they can learn the skills and tools needed to get their homework done on time, put toys away, and get ready for school in the mornings, they have a greater chance of being successful in their lives. Every parent wishes their child to have a life filled with happiness, peace, and success. However, many of the skills needed to be productive, efficient, and successful are not learned at home or taught in school.

It is important to start teaching children organization skills at a young age. It is much easier to learn organization skills early on in life than it is to try and break disorganized habits developed from living in a state of chaos. One of the best things parents can do to help is to model the behavior we expect. Take a moment to think about what it is our habits and behaviors towards being organized, productive, and efficient are teaching our children.

“Organization is a prerequisite for academic success. Organized students are better prepared to learn at school, complete homework assignments in less time, and experience less stress (and so do their families). Students who develop and maintain good organizational skills will not only be prepared for today’s academic challenges but to excel in tomorrow’s world.”


Gretchen Werner, M.Ed.

Gateways, A Learning Center


Benefits to Children – grace-268

  • Increased Confidence in self
  • Self-Sufficient 
  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Security through structure and order
  • Academic Success
  • Improved Behavior
  • Clutter-free Living
  • Sense of Order
  • Happy and Well-Rounded
  • Healthier Relationships with peers, siblings, and parents
  • Firm foundation for a successful personal and professional adult life

Benefits to Parents –

  •  Less chaotic home life!
  • Improved relationship with child
  • Less stress
  • Increased confidence in child
  • Joy in watching your child succeed in school and sports