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I am so excited about giving one lucky winner a basket FULL of organizing products. These products are some of my favorite items that I use to simplify my life and business. I know they can help you too. The contest ends tomorrow, June 30th. If you want to get in on the drawing, click here and sign up today!

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Before I had children I was very crafty. I was making my own greeting cards, using rubber stamps to make impressions into velvet and then decorating with the fabric, and creating other decor for my home. It has been a few years since I’ve had a chance to pull my sewing machine out of the closet. With little hands and sticky fingers crawling all over the place, it is difficult to begin a project and return to it in tack. There are times when I miss those days…where the craft projects cover the desk/kitchen table for days. My craft room turned into my daughter’s room five years ago. There is a different joy I experience in that room these days.

When I stumpled upon this fun idea for making your own accordion organizer to hold life’s little odds and ends, my creative juices started flowing again! It is perfect for storing business cards, ‘to-do’ list items, stamps, receipts, tickets, photos, and so much more. Keep one in your car, at your desk, and on your night stand to organize your thoughts, notes to self, and action items. Personalize the organizer with ribbons, labels, and a monogram.

If you are short on space and time and looking for a DIY project to help you organize your life, this organizer can be completed in an hour and requires little clean up. Makes a sweet gift too.

Head to for instructions on how to create your very own personalized ‘odds and ends’ organizer.

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Do you ever have the need to jot down a note to yourself while enjoying the Sunday paper and find yourself without a scratch piece of paper? How about the times when you are enjoying a cup of coffee at a co-worker’s workstation and realize you might be forgetting to do something? Always losing your to-do list, but never your coffee?

There is a silly yet smart solution to these problems! It is called the Write-On Mug by Schedule as you sip with the Write-On Mug. You can keep your daily tasks and appointments in sight (right under your nose) while sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Use a ballpoint pen or pencil to add your daily to-do list and urgent tasks. When done, simply wipe them off with a eraser.

No need for that fancy PDA! 🙂

Your Efficiency Specialist

Your Efficiency Specialist


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I sure envy those that have a room spared just for wrapping gifts! I have never been one to take too much time in wrapping gifts. However, sometimes I think if I had a that special room just for wrapping gifts, I could produce really wonderful, decorative presents. (It’s a similar thought to having your room tidy and neat only if you had the fancy closet storage system!) In reality, one could create elegant, jaw-dropping pieces of art using very little space. All you need are the right tools and an efficient storage system for your supplies right at your fingertips.

Now if you are one that doesn’t want to hassle with the rolls of paper, miss-mash of gift bags, and tying your own bows, consider outsourcing the task to someone that can do it for you. Saves you time and space!

Recently, I did some research for a client that needed a place to store her gift wrapping supplies and had limited space. I found a few space saving, attractive, and efficient products that would help in containing and organizing her supplies. Take a look at these great ideas!

(click on the photo for more information on each product)







Two of my favorites! (below)


Why not? Children can write, illustrate, and publish their own storybook at Tikatok! It is free to register and create a book; ordering printed copies will cost about $15 – $20.

Parents, you can create one too!! Stories can be shared online and participate in book clubs at no cost.

What a great way to document family vacations and holidays. How about giving your collection of personal journals/diaries a professional look and publish them?

See how it works…click here.

mailboxHaving an inbox for each member of household helps to manage and store incoming and outgoing papers. If shelf and counter space is limited, consider hanging baskets, bins, or the typical file holder on the wall to hold items. Add a little whimsy to the overall look and use wall mounted mailboxes such as this one to store documents, books, and smaller items that need to be returned to the bedrooms. You can even hang coats, scarves, gloves, and hats from the hooks. Paint the boxes to coordinate with the rooms color scheme and add a magnetic name plate to the lid.


If you are like most people, you may have a tennis ball or two lying around the house (or maybe the dog is using them to play fetch with).

Use the spare tennis balls to store small items like screws, push pins, paper clips, rubber bands, tacks, and nails. Follow the simple steps below to create some fun storage in a garage, game room, play room, or utility room.


• Using a utility knife, cut a small slit in one side of a tennis ball, squeeze the ball to expand the split and drop your screws or nails inside.

• These portable storage solutions can be organized easily inside a dresser, armoire, or utility cabinet. Drill screws into the bottom of a drawer, and then drill small holes in the tennis balls to fit onto the screws in the drawer.

There is a great new product available for parents who are frustrated with their children’s time-management skills. It is called On Task On Time for Kids.

If you are tired of yelling at and nagging your children to get out the door for school, to get into bed, pick up their toys, or start on homework, this may be the solution for you! It is perfect for little ones just starting school and learning about time.

It was designed by a mother of triplets and took 12 years to develop. To find out more on how this handy timer got started, read their story.  To get more information on how this product can reduce a parent’s stress level, and increase a child’s independence and purpose, click here.

There is a product offered by KangaRoom Storage which holds your keys, MP3 player, glasses, cell phone, photos, and other odds and ends. It is called the Corky Wall Organizer. This product is a great tool for organizing the everyday items you need quick and easy access to.
Hang it…

On a bedroom closet door
On the inside of the entry door
On a cubicle wall
Inside a kitchen cabinet


The list is endless.
For more information and to view the organizer in use, go to Real Simple Family Fall 2008

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