One of the most important questions to ask yourself when purging items from your closet is, “Does this item make me feel good?” This simple question will help to eliminate articles of clothing that you do not like (but paid good money for), that don’t compliment you (but it was a gift), and that have been keeping you ‘stuck’ (in the past).

Clothing follows the 80:20 rule – we wear 20 percent of our clothing 80 percent of the time! Here’s a little trick you can play on yourself to see which items are being worn. At the start of each season, turn your clothes hangers backward! As you wear clothes, face them properly. At the end of the season, any clothes that remain facing backward should be given away.

Tip: Keep a ‘share’ box/bag and ‘give-a-way’ box/bag in your closet to discard items that no longer make you feel good.

Recently, I was assisting a client in purging items from one of her two storage units. This client realized how much money she was wasting each month by have two units filled with stuff that was keeping her ‘stuck’ in life (personally and professionally). There were clothes that she had been holding onto for years due to various reasons (all the typical excuses – ‘it cost a lot of money’, ‘it was a gift’, ‘I will fit into that again…someday!’). It wasn’t until I held up each piece of clothing and asked her, ‘Does this make you feel good?’ did she begin to part with the items. In a matter of a few minutes, the client was able to let go of 3/4 of the clothes! That one simple question made her look at the clothes differently. They didn’t make her feel good. They kept her ‘stuck’ in the past.

As we approach a new season and unpack our summer attire, take a few moments to ask yourself that one powerful question, ‘Does this make me FEEL GOOD?’. Don’t waste your closet space, energy, or time on anything that does make you happy or feel good!