This past weekend I completed a DIY project that I have been wanting to do for sometime. Recently, I helped a good friend design and create her own. Now it was my turn! Thanks to my darling, Dave who brought home a new flat screen TV this past Friday, I was able to turn the entertainment center into my very own beverage center.
(Side note: We haven’t had cable for the past year. So along with the new TV came cable. Welcome back The Food Network! I missed you.)

Beverage CenterThe armoire previously used to house the TV and media equipment. It is now a fun and stylish station to whip up a drink with my favorite coconut rum! I covered the back of the armoire with squared mirrors which I picked up at IKEA (4 pack for 4.99). It adds drama and makes the space look a little bigger. I created a storage area for alcohol, club soda, glass pitchers, stemware, extra serving glasses, straws, napkins, and all the little odds and ends needed to stir up a fabulous drink and entertain friends. (Since there are small children in the home, I have made sure to put safety locks on the top and bottom doors.)

The project is not 100% complete. The wine rack which will be located above the stemware and memo boards (post drink recipes and display menus) which will be on the inside of both doors still need to be installed. For additional storage ideas and tips on creating your own beverage station, refer to Get The Party Started, Beverage Cart, and Beverage Bar.

Is it time for a drink yet?