Organized Junk DrawerJunk drawers, the majority of us have one, maybe two, or even three  in our home. It is amazing at what you will find in a junk drawer! It is the place where you throw those extra twist ties, that broken flash light, and even your favorite hammer.

If your junk drawer is over-flowing with old coupons, broken chip clips, and last years birthday candles, it is time to organize and bring some order to the junk drawer. It is possible to have a organized junk drawer!

I believe every home should have junk drawer, but only under certain conditions. Those conditions are:

  • You need to know what is in there.
  • Everything should be used regularly.
  • There should be dividers and/or small containers to seperate the junk into groups of like items.
  • It needs to be neat.

Take 30 minutes this weekend to empty out your drawer, purge what is not needed or used, sort like with like, and keep everything in the drawer contained. Storage containers for the drawer can be recycled plastic butter containers or a collection of trimmed sour cream container to fit the drawer. You can also use a drawer organizer used in a desk to store your ‘must-haves’ of the junk drawer. Save pieces to broken toys and gadgets in sandwich size Ziploc bags and store all broken pieces in one area. For convenience purposes, keep a small screw driver in your junk drawer for when the kitchen cabinets need tightening or when a battery needs to be replaced. If you have kids, you know that each toy which requires batteries also requires a screw driver.

If you can get your junk drawer organized, you will be able to organize any drawer!