Recycle logoOne of the aspects I enjoy about my profession is helping clients find new innovative ways to recycle what they already have in their home or office. Often it is an item that is no longer needed for a particular use, but after discovering a new purpose for that item, the object becomes a ‘treasured’  possession again.  

I had a client that was saving a dress that was special to her…mostly due to the memories of when and where she wore it. The client knew she should let the dress go (she hadn’t worn it in years) and donate it, but was hesitate to do so. I suggested using the fabric to make two accent pillows and keep the memory alive (in a different form).

As a Professional Organizer and eco-friendly American, I am excited when a new green website is introduce to me. Following is a list of websites that will assist you in cutting back on the distribution of unwanted phone books, find used cardboard boxes for moving to your next home, getting money for your used electronics and gadgets, and save money and paper by printing only want you want printed.

Remember to, reduce, re-use, and recycle!