Surveys reveal that “Getting Organized” consistently ranks in the Top 10 of New Year’s Resolutions. Is to ‘get organized’ your 2009 resolution? If so, January is the ideal month to get started. January is National ‘Get Organized’ month. As our lives become increasingly complex and stressful, time-starved Americans yearn for more simplicity and control in their lives … and better organization is a key ingredient to achieving these goals.


Did you know that:

·         60%+ feel they do not have enough time to get everything done that is required of them

·         40% of the US workforce now works more than 50 hours per week

·         The average American wastes 55-minutes per day — roughly 12 weeks per year — looking for misplaced belongings

·         75% of Americans visit malls each week. On average, Americans shop six hours a week, bringing more and more stuff into their homes

·         Americans receive as much mail in a week as our parents received in a month and as much in a month as our grandparents received in a lifetime.” (USPS)


Getting Organized at Home will:

·         Bring order, calm and control to home and family life

·         Save money by organizing bills, shopping and clothing

·         Get more done in less time

·         Find what you need — and need what you find!


Getting Organized at Work will:

·         Bring structure, logic and control to the organization, at any level

·         Optimize workflow to raise productivity, reduce stress, and increase profitability

·         Clear the way for employees to focus on higher goals

·         Motivate the team with real solutions to the everyday or ongoing challenges of too much to do, changing priorities, and information overload


January is the perfect month to ‘Get Organized’ and start the new year off right!