The cleanest kitchens in America may be concealing a disaster zone right under the sink. It is a space that gets neglected, leaving slimy goop on garage pales, sloppy scrubbers, and stinky sponges forgotten. It is time to reclaim this space and make it as beautiful, fresh, organized, and neat as the rest of the kitchen (or at least your dream kitchen!). To organize and maximize the space, first purge all products that are empty, expired, and/or with broken nozzles. Once you can see the shelf floor, line it with inexpensive vinyl tiles to protect from future spills. Only keep the items you use on a regular basis under the sink. Use containers and baskets on gliders (pull-out baskets) to store soaps, floor, window, and all-purpose cleaners, sponges, and garage bags. Using a lazy susan on the shelf is another great tool in maximizing the space. Use every inch of the back of the cabinet door to store items. Hang a towel rod and hooks to store hand towels, scrubbers, and bottle brushes. Install a spice rack to hold various size sponges, lotion, soap, and small bottles of cleaner. Attach a potato chip clip or clothespin to the back of the cabinet door to store rubber gloves. Adding a battery-operated light with an adhesive backing will allow light in those hard-to-see places. Make sure to clean garbage pales with non-toxic cleaners on a weekly basis to keep the space smelling fresh.