A must have for managing important documents, utility bills, insurance forms and such is a filing system. I am often surprise at how many households do not have a filing system for all the paper that comes into the home. Some have the excuse that they don’t have anything to file. If you have medical insurance, car insurance, life insurance, utility bills, bank accounts, credit cards, children, hobbies, love to travel, etc., you are in need of a filing system!The secret to an efficient filing system is to keep it system. Whatever filing system you use should make is easy to find what you are looking for and make sense to everyone that uses it. I prefer sorting files according to subject. Keep the primary categories broad, such as ‘Insurance’, ‘Accounting’, and ‘Prospective Clients’. Use whatever categories that pertain to your life and needs. Use a different color hanging file to represent ‘personal’ and ‘business’. Place the plastic tabs to the far left of each primary category hanging file. The subcategories can be placed in manila folders with tabs located to the far right. This keeps things simple, easy to view, and neat looking.

It is important to purge and file on a regular basis. Don’t let the piles of paper grow higher and higher. Get into the habit of filing on a weekly or monthly basis.

There are some cleaver units to store documents. One of my favorite items to store papers in is a ottoman, trunk, or bench that offers storage inside. You can purchase freestanding hanging file folder racks, available in different widths to suit any size storage space. If you are short on space, this is a great way to hide your filing system. Another option is to take a standard file cabinet and cover it with fabric to disguise it as a table. There are also more expensive options such as file cabinets that look like nice pieces of furniture and can be displayed anywhere in your home.

Take the appropriate steps to get your papers under control. It will make life much simpler!