Want a sense of organization in less than 15 minutes? Tackle the junk drawer in either the kitchen or your desk to rid the mental cobwebs and gain clarity. Place a garbage pail under the drawer and toss out pens that no longer work, old receipts that are no longer needed, coupons that have expired, and memo notes that you can’t remember what they were for.

Than gather all the items that do not belong in the junk drawer and take them to their correct home/location. For example, toys go in the play room, tools belong in the garage (I keep a screwdriver in my junk drawer for easy access. All other tools are kept in the garage.), and cosmetics belong on your vanity or in a bathroom drawer.

Next take different size containers to than sort and categorize the items that are meant to stay in the junk drawer. It is a great feeling to open the drawer and see items neatly placed and organized while not causing the drawer to get jammed!